Preparing for an audition with your kid? Here are some quick tips on what to do to make sure your kid performs to full potential.

  1. Research the role and the project: Look up the details of the role and the project to get an idea of what is expected from the audition. This will help you tailor your preparation with your child and get a better understanding of the character your child will be playing.
  2. Practice lines with your kid and prepare the monologue if needed: If the audition requires to perform a monologue or deliver specific lines, practice them with your child as much as possible. It’s important to have a strong command of lines so that your kid can focus on the performance.
  3. Work on acting skills: If your child have not had formal acting training, you can practice acting with her/him by reading plays, watching movies, and participating in drama clubs or acting classes. Or better, don’t take chances and sign up for children’s acting classes near you.
  4. Prepare appearance of your child: Make sure your child looks presentable and well-groomed for the audition. Choose clothing that is appropriate for the role and the project.
  5. Make your kid prepared for possible improvisation: Some auditions may require to improvise or come up with impromptu responses to prompts. Practice improvisation skills by playing with your child improvisation games or taking improv classes.
  6. Be on time: Arrive at the audition on time and be prepared to wait. Many unexpected things can happen with kids, so plan ahead, and leave early, so that there is no stress from being late. It’s important to be patient and professional during the audition process.
  7. Be positive and confident: Remember that auditions can be stressful, but try to stay positive and confident, so that your child is calm and confident too. Believe in your child and his/her abilities, and do your best to relax and have fun.