If a life in front of the camera has always been your dream, you have come to the right place!

Steps to Becoming An Actor

There are some top tips to quickly becoming an actor, that help your success go more quickly!

1.  Take acting classes. Even those born with a natural acting talent can learn from actors currently booking who teach at the Utah Talent Academy. Many of our top acting coaches come from LA and NYC markets who teach on zoom for anyone globally.

2.  Have a quality headshot and acting resume. Most casting calls will require you to submit some information about yourself before you are able to audition. A professional photo and correctly formatted resume can make you stand out among the competition.

3.  Gain some acting experience. Whether you go to Utah Actors network group, community theater play, or a video for a local non-profit, there are many ways to gain some experience on the stage before trying out for paid roles.

4.  Utah Talent Academy sends many of our developing actors to Utah’s top talent agency, Stars Talent Studio. The best way to find legit acting opportunities is by working with an agent and we can refer you! They will know what casting calls are the best fit for you and will likely be able to help you secure an audition.

5.  Practice, practice, practice. Actors not only need to practice for upcoming auditions or roles, they also need to practice when they have no leads. Continuously practicing your craft will ensure you are ready when the time comes.

Types of Acting

There are so many ways to be seen on camera. You may find you prefer one style of acting over another, or you may enjoy trying different things throughout your career, for example some start in commercials and move their experience and training into film.

  • Commercial work
  • Web series
  • Voiceover acting: Narrative, Audio Book, Commercials, IVR, Animation
  • Industrial Films
  • TV Hosting
  • Informercials
  • Live promotional work
  • TV Series
  • Featured Films
  • Major Motion Pictures
  • Live entertainment

How Utah Talent Academy Can Help Your Acting Career

We provide free evaluations to properly place new or experienced actors with the right program and the best acting coaches. Our Acting Certifications are part of 5 collections, each 16 hours= 2 hours weekly for 8 total weeks. Whether you do the audition series certification, commercial workshops, TV or Film workshops, all can be joined on zoom or live workshop near Salt Lake City, Utah.  

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Steps to Becoming an Actor

Here are the top 5 ways to pursue an acting career:

  1. Train to become an actor. While training, put together a demo reel with examples of acting clips in your castability.
  2. Prepare your commercial and film headshots. Also, you will want to put together your acting résumé showing strong TV or film training. When actors submit on projects they typically need the 4 following things: 1. Headshot 2. Resume. 3. Demo Reel 4. Self-tape. Casting directors often require those basic tools to get you booked by their client or Producers who are considering talent for roles.
  3. Submit to auditions and casting calls. Early in your career, you’ll find these through word of mouth and online casting platforms like Backstage, Casting Networks, Actor’s Access, Utah Actors, etc.
  4. Gain experience to improve your résumé and reel. As you audition and land more roles, you’ll acquire better footage for your reel—and better parts to list on your résumé.
  5. Get signed by an agent. The experience you’ve built up will help you impress an acting agent and get representation. With an agent in your corner, you’ll have access to bigger projects and meatier roles.

We’ve broken down each of these steps in more detail in later sections of this guide—keep reading for more industry insight into things like how to create a demo reel or approach an acting agent.